Friday, April 30, 2004


The screams echoed through the neighborhood. Silence followed.
Those who lived nearby turned back to their work again as if nothing had happened.
This time, when the screams rung forth, they didn't even bother to look up. Their thoughts were "Kids!"
All was quiet this time, for almost half an hour before playful laughter and screams echoed around the neighborhood again.
It was just a usual day. The young kids from the house next door, behind them and beside them, were at play again. A bunch of girls at play.
They knew the routine, it started off with screams, then giggling and more screams followed by tears.
But today was different. Today there were no tears, just that laughter, which now seemed less friendly then before.
Thoughts permeated their brains as to what might be happening there. Was everything alright?
As if they were all moved by one force, they slowly rose from before the TV and crept towards the fence. Fingers curled over the top and slowly were accompanied by peeking eyes.
All they saw were the other pairs of eyes, staring back at them, the other neighbor's.
Once they got over their initial fright the looked over, in search of that maniacal laughing.
In the middle of the patio stood a cage. Inside that cage was a bird, laughing.
When the bird saw the eyes it screamed, then giggled, mimicking it's younger owners.
The mystery was solved so they all went back to their comfortable couches and ignored the noises from that house.